Friday Session - Who is the Remnant?

Friday, November 4th

Breakout Session 1 Breakout Session 2 Breakout Session 3 Breakout Session 4
8:00 am Weekly Shacharit Service (Optional)
9:00 am Arrival and Registration
9:30 am Special Yeshiva: The Real Roman Road to the Remnant with Rabbi Eric Tokajer
12:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Sealing your “Supernatural” Identity with Ralf Matuzelski The Remnant: Rising Undaunted with Morah Erin Willson Introduction to B'aal Tfilah with Chazan Gordon & Moreh Jaxon Edwards Davidic Dance
3:00 pm Moshe, Moshel: An Early Call of The Remnant with Brent Woods Are you the fire, the flame or the chaff with Morah Giborah McDonald
4:00 pm Break
7:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat - Message by Pastor Matt McKeown

Shabbat Session - The Past & Present of the Remnant

Saturday, November 5th

09:30 am Shabbat Shacharit & Torah Service
11:30 am Shabbat Message: Lech Lecha and the Supernatural Remnant with Pastor Mark Biltz
12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm From Garden to Garden through the Victory over death with Moreh Rico Cortes Malkitzedek, the Jewish Perspective with Rabbi Dr. Steven Bernstein Why Do I Feel Like a Stranger? with Rabbi David Weiss Carriers of Another Reality with Morah Juanita Weiss
3:00 pm Jewish Heritage and The Remnant of Sefarad with Marco Rodrigues Women: Completing the Remnant with Morah Amie Mutti
4:00 pm Hidden for a Reason with Moreh Haroun Cowans How Shall the Remnant Escape? with Dylan White A Remnant View of Acts 15 with Rabbi Eric Tokajer What does acquiring a wife really mean? with Morah Dina Guerrero
5:00 pm Break and Dance
7:00 pm Havdalah Service, Worship Night & Special D'var Torah Dr. Doug Wheeler

Sunday Session - The Future of the Remnant

Sunday, November 6th

08:00 am Weekly Shacharit Service (Optional)
09:00 am The Nefesh and the Remnant with Rabbi Dr. Steven Bernstein
09:30 am Living as the Remnant with Pastor Matt McKeown
10:00 am The Three Needs of the Remnant with Pastor Braulio Portes
10:30 am The Supernatural Remnant and God's Calendar with Pastor Mark Biltz
11:00 am Round Table with Rico Cortes, Pastor Mark Biltz, Rabbi Bernstein, Rabbi Tokajer & Rabbi Weiss
12:15 pm Prayer & Conclusion with Rabbi Dr. Itzhak Shapira